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5 Largest cocks
cock size
1.Greedy Beaver203.308
2.The Cockwork Orange185.722
3.Bigger Black Dick181.121

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Battlewang Season 4

Welcome to the Battlewang Season 4!
If you are a registered user of Battlewang, you must login first if you wish to use your old account. Users who have already registered have the following options:
  • Sign up with a completely new account [new owner and new cockname, you must use another e-mail address]
  • Use your old account to start season 3 [new cockname, same owner, using the existing user name and password]
    • note: using your old account does not transfer items or money or anything! it only allows you to use your existing login name!!!
If you have never registered, click the button below to get started!

5/15/13 - Welcome back to BattleWang! Please remember to sign up with a brand new name and wang. Of course you can change names if you want! ;)

5/15/13 - SPECIAL NOTE for people signing up for the very first time! If you're having difficulty receiving a confirmation e-mail please be sure that it hasn't found it's way into your spam or junk mail folders. Due to our game name this has been reported to be happening a bit. If you're using AOL the problem has been more apt to happen. Once you have signed up you WILL receive the e-mail confirmation so double check all your folders and if you feel this isn't the problem please contact the admin through the forum link at the bottom of this page. Please don't forget to include your user or owner name as well as your cockname.

5/15/13 - Welcome to a new season of Battlewang! For a (mostly) complete list of changes, please read the faq. Instructions on how to get started should be displayed above!

5/15/13 - If you lost your password, you can use the new password recovery page. The link is right below the login form.

5/15/13 - Be sure and follow us on Twitter. @BattleWang